Friday, February 4, 2011

"El Story Numero Dos": The Pogo Stick Complex

This is a story that was written exquisite corpse style with some of my friends. Without further ado, here it is:

Every now and again, she just needed to hang upside down. It made her think of how things used to be, before people started walking around on their hands, or with pogo sticks attached to their heads in some unusual cases. Very unusual cases, indeed. There is no sadder sight than a newborn child with a teeny-tiny pogo stick already developing. The disease had, at that time, become highly contagious. Every young boy quickly realizes the importance of comparing the size of his pogo stick with those of his friends. His mother wept for days, anticipating the torment and and eventual pogo stick complex the boy would one day develop. Which is why a very skilled hypnotist quickly entered into his life. Every thursday at 3:00 PM he would be lead through hypnotic exercises with the purpose of elongation. Until, one day, he became Stretch Armstrong and could do anything he wished.

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